Star Trek Into Darkness Review Well we just finished

Star Trek Into Darkness Review


Well we just finished watching Star Trek Into Darkness. I have to say at this point that I am a “canon” Star Trek fan. By that I mean that while I enjoyed the 2009 movie and this new one as well I personally feel that the “old school” Star Trek from the 60s and all the way through Star Trek The Next Generation are my two favorites.


The acting in this movie was good although the main character who plays Jim Kirk tends to overact his part. I liked the by play between Spok and Uhura was a lot of fun to listen to. In my opinion they messed up the original Star Trek :Wrath of Khan ending. But I can understand why they did so. I really like the guy that plays young Spok and as usual Lenoard Nimoy was a joy to see onscreen once more. I think he gets better as he gets older. But I can go on about my Nimoy obession in a later post. Wicked smile.


They did a lot of fun stuff and special effects. And we saw it in I-Max. I totally love I-Max. When I can afford it I am so going to get an 3-D T.V. The sound effects were a blast as usual. And there were maybe half a dozen people in the whole theater.


As I said before good movie. The 2009 and 2013 movie are good “alternate timeline” movies. I will be buying this one when it comes out on DVD. And for those of you that have Blue Ray don’t nag at me because I don’t. Smiles. If you go to see Into Darkness just remember what I have mentioned above. If you don’t mind the “canon” Star Trek and the movies that they made with the orginal cast and the Next Generation casts to be totally toppled and replaced then go and see this movie. Having seen Into Darkness I am now seriously considering doing some adio files of “fan fiction” set in the Star Trek universe. Drop mea line and let me know what you all think of the new movie Star Trek Into Darkness. No flames please.

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