Hello loyal Readers. I am still working on

Hello loyal Readers. I am still working on coming up with some audio files for you all to listen to. Smiles. In other news: I am taking my husband to see the new Star Trek movie Enter Darkness tomorrow. We are both big Star Trek fans so watching it in 3-D IMAX will be lots of fun. He is hooked on the IMAX experience and so am I. And let’s face it why go and see a Star Trek movie in a regular theater when for a few dollars more you can see it in 3-D? Now of course I can’t see it at all at this stage but what the hell. Smiles. I go for the sound effects and the storyline. And my husband will explain what is going on if I get lost in the movie. He is getting rather good at that after all of these years. We have been together for almost 14 years. And yes, ladies, before you ask he can see quite well and can drive. Anyhow I just wanted to let you all know what we were up to tomorrow I will probably post a small review of it when we get back from watching it.

Lady Soket

“Star Trek Rules!”


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