Character Deaths and DM WoesWell I must say

Character Deaths and DM Woes

Well I must say I am PISSED. I have just spent over six hours readying a DND game for one of my friends. He fell asleep on us the other night as we were rping. So we hung up the phone and continued on without him.


So early this morning I called him about 4 a.m. to catch him up on what he missed out on after he fell asleep.


Now my husband was playing WOW World of Warcraft for those of you that don’t know. It is an online multiplayer game. He wanted me to take our friend and catch him up on the week in game time that he had missed.


So I thought Ok, fine. No problem. Boy was I wrong. Now we have known this friend of ours for roughly eight years. He is twenty eight,lives at home,has never had a job, and does not have a high school diploma. He is trying to get on disablity so he can lay around the house and complain about all of his aches and pains. He claims to have irriatable Bowel Syndrome. But having listened to what he eats I am not suprised at all that his stomach hurts him. So back on topic.


I am attempting to catch him up on things that he missed. He basically gets taken to the Temple of Eternal Evil. There he is fed and allowed to sleep the night away after a drinking  bout. So he wakes up the next morning and the High Priestess of the temple is there. She tells him to get up and he refuses her. He is naked so this is understandable. So she goes over and grabs him up by the scruff of his neck and manhandles him out the door. So he is kicking and struggling. He has no idea of who she is nor does he stop to ask. He just says,” I am not gonna let this bitch manhandle me.”


In response the HPp grabs his sac and squeezes. He does not even drop to his knees or otherwise act as if it phases him.


Now most guys in real life would have collapsed on the ground and laid there whimpering. But not him. He keeps struggling. So the High Priestess commands two followers to bring him along. He tries to trip the two guards. This does not work. All he would have to say is “I’m sorry” to the HP and she would have been nicer to him. Along the way he is insulting my husband and complaining that he left him all alone at the tavern he was working at the last session. I gave him multiple chances to go outside of the tavern and explore the city. He refused every time. So the HP takes him downstairs and ritually kills him for his insults to her. Then he threw a bitch fit because he doesn’t like to die. So I explained to him why he died he didn’t care his tummy hurt. So after eight years of catering to his ego I have had enough. I am sick of dealing with the “me,me,me.

 attitude. He doesn’t try to rp with us. He can never think of anything to do. We have to walk on eggshells around what he will and won’t do. So that is it. I am not asking him to rp with us again. We always have to cater to his giant ego. And I say Fuck That.

So thanks for letting me rant. I will try to be more civil next post. Take care gentle readers. Lady Soket

“I am the DM. Do not piss me off.”


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