First Lines of stories…

First lines of stories…

  Ok I want to talk about first lines instories. Which lines hook you? Why do they? What makes you want to continue reading the author’s work? I will cite an example or two from my own works in progress.

1.”You wake with the taste of dirty sweat socks in your mouth.”

2.”It was a dark and stormy night.”

And yes I know that the second one has been used in a lot of bad fiction.

Which of the two story hooks would you all like to read more about? The first one is my personal favorite. Because let’s face it. You want to know why the main character woke up like that. I do answer that question in my fantasy/erotic novel Herne’s Amusements. Smiles. I know shameless plug for fan support. Forgive me. I am only human after all and could not resist. Wicked smile. Herne has been an ongoing character of mine for over ten years. He tends to pop into my head at the oddest moments. I really do want some feedback on the 36,593 words that I have written so far. Anyone want to be a beta reader? i.e. a First Reader of the novel? I had loads of un writing what I have so far. If you are into fantasy/time travel/erotica I think you would enjoy it. I also have another short story “Slave Me, Baby.” It needs Readers as well. Anyone up to the challenge? Drop me a comment and let me know. Thanks. Lady Soket

“Not all of your heros have to be good. I find the bad ones more fun.”


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