Quick Tip No. 1 Don’t stare at the

Quick Tip No. 1 Don’t stare at the page. Write something that you enjoy writing. If you get stuck write about whatever you are thinking about. Even if it is “What groceries do I need from the store?.” You could write a story about a woman in a supermarket who has orgasms when the moon is full. This was done to excellent effect in Margret Atwood’s The Moon’s Wife. I really enjoyed that book immensely. I highly recommend The Handmaid’s Tale by Margret Atwood as well. Both are fun to read and quite thought provoking as wel. The Moon’s Wife had slightly more of a fantasy theme butThe Handmaid’s Tale was a disturbing take on what some women’s roles will become in the far future. And what happens when some women rebel against the status quo. I hope that some of you will look these two books up and tell me what you think of them. Smiles. Lady Soket “Remember my motto: If you don’t like the story rewrite it the way you would have liked to see it go.” I know long motto. Sue me. All donations of money taken in gratefully.


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