Well it’s been a crazy two weeks. I have two water leaks in my apartment. I almost quit my job. I almost moved out of state. My HR rep at work is useless. I hate my job and am in the process of looking for another one that will treat me fairly and not like a mentally challenged five year old. I dislike my supervisor immensely but I can’t transfer back to my department in vinyl because the same HR rep I mentioned above won’t let me. I am looking for a new apartment to live in and my job won’t let me take any of my vacation days so I can look for a new place to live. I am so tired of trying. My landlady is a slumlord. I have had a water leak in my bedroom closet and the dining/kitchen area for over a week now. I am totally sick of her avoiding me and she only sent in the carpet people twice so far. The two spots are currently filled with water and are starting to rot the carpet and the pad under it. The maintence men will have to pull up the carpet and drill down into the concrete slab under it in both places to find the leaks which will make my current apartment unlivable. I have one more appointment to look at another apartment on this coming Monday. Wish me luck all because I seriously need it. Lady Soket


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