Here we go again

Well here I am again all. I know that I don’t have many followers here. It has been really hard to log in to wordpress lately. I can only hope it will let me stay logged in for a while. Life has been crazy lately. I want to leave my current job and get a better one. According to my HR rep my resume is old fashioned and needs work. I explained to her that all I had was MS Works and that I did it on a template as that was all I had to work with. Sighs. And this place I work for is mainly hiring blind workers/visually impaired workers. I really feel that my HR rep is simply throwing hurdlws my way so she does not have to recruit any other person to fill my spot there. I do not know why I simply could not simply transfer to the job as they had a current resume on file when I applied to be hired there in the first place. I am feeling really disgrumtled and not unliked there. The HR rep needs to get a grip and help out a little here. She said”Just indent your work history and positions held and make up some company names as I know that they won’t bother to look them up.” I refuse to give false information on a resume as that can get you fired on the spot by employers feeling that you are not trustworthy if you lie on your application. Am I wrong in thinking this? Please comment and let me know. Ladysoket


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